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Force 90 GB Performance


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I have a Force 3 90GB Corsair SSD. It was connected to an Intel port on my EVGA X58 FTW3 motherboard. I thought it would be faster if I connect it to the Marvell port. It still seems slow (but faster than on the Intel port). The Marvell controller software is updated and the latest Marvell driver is loaded in Windows 7 64 bit.





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I'm sorry, but you won't get more speed out of the Marvell controller. You will need a native AMD/Intel SATA3 controller or a high-speed PCI-e RAID controller card for maximum speed. To avoid issues you should use the native Intel SATA2 controller on your mobo. Look here for more information:






Btw: you can use any benchmark tool you want, but since the advertised speeds were measured with ATTO, you should use this tool for comparison.

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