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CSSD-F120GB3-BK - suddenly stopped working.


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I have Corsair Force 3 120GB drive with the serial number starts with 1141.

After 12 days of work, this drive is no longer visible to the BIOS

(power off, and power on after ~3 hours later).

I check it in two other compputers - nothing - dead.

For now i lost all data. Any ideas?

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Same here, I built a friend's PC with a Mush-keen drive, and oh the difference was day and night. The Corsair Force GT still showed to be faster in benchmarks, however the boot speeds were instant, and normal applications loaded a lot faster.


The strange thing is that on paper they appear identical.

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First ssd has 1.3.2 firmware, two next has 1.3.3.

Tested on Dell Latitude E6400 with latest BIOS, and

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 also with latest BIOS.

Two others computers (non laptops) - Fujitsu-Siemens and Dell Precision

not detect this drives in POST booting.

For me is piece of crap.



********3 works in this E6400 ~3 months without problem.

T420 has ssd from Samsung.

Dell Precision has 2x Intel 510 in raid0.


This forum censored words. Bye bye Corsair.

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