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Help with Updating Firmware of Corsair Force GT (1.3.2 --> 1.3.3.)


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This is my first post here as I just joined the forum.


I recently purchased two Corsair Force GT (120GB) to be used in my computer in RAID-0 as my main "OS" drive along with some programs/games. :laughing:


I just plugged in my drives this morning and turned the computer on and used Crystal Disk Info to see what firmware the SSDs came with. They are 1.3.2.


I downloaded the latest Firmware (1.3.3.) and opened up the PDF to make sure I apply the update properly. In that document, it says that the controller CANNOT be in RAID mode for the update to work. My current OS drive(s) are 2 ******** SLC SSDs in RAID-0 and so they are in RAID mode (set in the BIOS).


Can someone tell me how to update the Corsair Force GT Firmware given my situation? I have not installed anything on the Corsair SSDs yet and plan to install a fresh copy of Windows on it once the Firmware is updated. Also, on that note, do I need to secure erase the Corsair SSDs before installing Windows even though they are brand new? If so, how do I secure erase them?


I need to be able to boot into Windows in order to update the firmware. However, I cannot boot into Windows without being in "RAID" mode since my OS drive is actually 2 SSDs in RAID-0.


Please help!



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AFAIK there is no need to remove the other SSDs from RAID, as long as your Force GTs are not a member of a RAID array. As single drives they will be handled in AHCI mode, upgrade should work fine. It works for me, having 2 HDDs in RAID1 at the same Intel controller the SSD is connected to.
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