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Asrock Extreme 7 Gen 3 + CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G


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Hi corsair, I'm new guy in your forum.

I want to ask a question about compatibility with your new quad channel vengeance gold memory..


I plan to upgrade in this new year with Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 + 2600k + CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G.




My question is:

1. Is the RAM compatible with Asrock Extreme 7?

2. I plan to OC for 4.8 GHz, with that big size memory, can I still achieve that??


I want that gold memory because it will be matched with my rig theme, so a gold colored memory is a MUST for me.. :D


Thank you for your answer.. ;):

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  • Corsair Employees

The average is 24 Hours for a reply not including weekends or Holidays.

You are welcome to try them but I would suggest getting the right memory for the MB you plan on using. Will these work on an 1155/56 MB yes most likely but it will depend on the CPU as most 1155 CPU are rated at DDR1333 and do not over clock as well as the newer second generation 1155 chip-sets such as Sandy bridge.

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  • 1 month later...

I have bought this ram set and Asrock z68 Extreme7 Gen3 mobo.. It was great, but recently I got a blue screen that tell me there are some issue in memory management.


After that I restart it, run some prime95 test for 15minutes and it's still stable. But I'm worried that blue screen can come up again.


I have flashed the bios to latest (1.32 beta) and cleaned all my previous mobo driver (asus crosshair iv formula). I have installed all the updated driver for my mobo.

Also XMP 1.3 profile has been assigned to the memory configuration in bios.


Other problem is I've got random CTD in skyrim now, when I'm going to world map.

I don't have the same issue when I was using my previous system (asus crosshair iv formula + 1090T + corsair dominator 2x2 GB).

But When I'm playing dead space 2, It run smoothly and no problem whatsoever.


Can someone help me to figure and resolve this issue? I really like this combo and wanted to spend a long sweet time with this.. :(

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I think it's something with driver problem, but can you suggest me what driver can impede the memory??


I've got a new bsod this day when installing a game, the message was:

"a driver corrupted pool memory used for holding pages disk"

BTW, I'm not really remember it said disk or data, but I can assure you rest of the words are correct.


Because of this, I disabled "direct memory access controller" in device manager. Is this the correct way??

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  • Corsair Employees

No the O.S. will need enabled to work properly. More then likely the Game is trying to access an area of memory it shouldn't with that error. Have you spoken to the game developer to see what they say?

That can also be a BIOS issue so make sure that you have the latest MB BIOS version and the latest Chipset drivers installed as well.

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Several minutes ago, I got blue screen "memory management" issue again. It's not because of game, I was just browsing, downloading, and copying something, then it went bsod like that. Note: I have enabled the "direct memory access controller" driver before getting bsod "memory management" again.


I flashed my bios to 1.34 beta that Asrock just released now. I have the latest chipset drivers also.


I haven't spoken to the game developer about this, but knowing Bethesda, they will probably not responsive to my issue.


I also feel that it is not hardware issue. I haven't tried memtest though.

Or are my motherboard and RAM not compatible each other?

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  • Corsair Employees

Our modules CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G are made for and tested on Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets so yes they are compatible with your MB. I would suggest you go to BIOS setup after you do the BIOS update and load setup defaults again and re-enable XMP and test with http://www.memtest.org. If you do keep getting this type of error I would test the modules one at a time to be sure one is not failing or weak.

If they all pass memtest but this persists, I would try and add +.1 Volts to the memory Controller Voltage setting in the MB BIOS setup. I am sorry I have not seen this MB so I am not sure what they will call the setting on this MB but some common names for this setting would be CPU/NB Voltage or CPU/QPI Voltage. If you are not sure I would check with the MB maker to be sure.

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I would suggest you go to BIOS setup after you do the BIOS update and load setup defaults again and re-enable XMP


I have done this step immediately after I update, but have yet to test it with memtest.. I guess I'll try it this weekend..


I will also update my driver again as this thread: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?273907-**Official**-Asrock-Z68-Gen3-Extreme7-amp-Extreme4-thread&

give me a set of driver that newer than in asrock one:


Looks like asrock website is not often to update.. :(


Thx Mr. Ram Guy, I will let you know the situation.. :)

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Ok, I haven't had the time to do memtest for my ram, but I'm getting a clue for my problem.


I have install all the latest driver from the xtremesystem forum, and I have increase the memory controller voltage setting (VTT voltage in bios) from 1.058 to 1.124.


I use prime95 again for torture test and I use custom blend test to test ram. I assign the "memory to use" to 8000 and after 1 hour, one of the worker stop because of hardware error.


Then I also try to assign the "memory to use" to 12000 for another torture test, and now there are about 3 or 4 worker that has to stop because of hardware error. After that I stop it then suddenly I experienced "memory management" bsod again..


So, what is wrong in here? Is it the motherboard, ram, or processor? or am I not increase the memory controller enough? Is it really need to increase the memory controller voltage that much to control this 16 GB???

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Sorry about that, and yes please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace them.


I have RMA it in the shop where I bought this memory.

I Got a new set of ram..


I have tested it all with memtest and prime95 (w/ 14.8GB memory usage). They pass it all..


Thx for your help, I finally get this combo works.. :D:

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