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M60/K60:My thoughts after 1 week


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First I will say that these are good products and I recommend them..and here we go.....


Ok here's the legit complaints



The A, W, D rubber keys (by default normal keys are installed) have an extreme curvature which is uncomfortable. The "S" key is fine, so are the numbered rubber keys


Spacebar on k60: when applying pressure on it in certain angles you can tell it isn't completely smooth like it would be if if pressed it "properly" ....aka leaning back casually and pressing the spacebar is when I first noticed it.


m60 sniper button: there can be a slight latency issue when depressing the sniper button, especially when spammed it can cause noticeable issues. I find the sniper button itself not very useful in actuality.


the m60 itself is not a mouse meant for small hands, I'd say I have normal hands and its perfect for me, but people with small hands the mouse is prolly to big and heavy for u.


The design of the m60 itself with the aluminum bottom can scrape on a table or pad if not careful.


I was worried going from optical to laser due to liftoff but they seem to have taken care of that via software.


Installing the corsair driver/program is a must to use this mouse properly, but settings can be "saved to the mouse" because if you don't do that everytime u restart your computer the mouse settings will reset till u open up the corsair software and hit "apply or "ok" to reactivate your setting (This can be avoided by saving the settings to the mouse, there's a button for that, I missed it at first)



and both products have a nice braided heavy duty cord, not your typical mouse/keyboard usb cords



Coming from somebody who has used mx518/510 for YEARS and any 10 dolla keyboard from wal-mart I am a happy camper.

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the sculpted WASD keys are amazing, I love the curvature. the "1" key on the other hand gets annoying since I reach "up" for it, not up and to the side, so I turn the key sideways.


the domes will start to annoy you if you use them a lot, like in MMO's.


palm rest on the K60 would be perfect if it were movable to the left more. it's designed for people who use their pinky, ring, and middle fingers on WASD keys. (I assume most people use pointer, index, and ring) also the "hump" is too high to be able to comfortably hit the ALT key with your thumb, and the spacebar is a bit inconvenient to hit too.


spacebar is a little wiggly on either side, I assume corsair didn't use costar stabilizers like all the expensive mechanical keyboards use. also another issue with the stabilizers is there's an inconsistent force required to push certain keys compared to others. like SHIFT key is harder to press than a normal key. it makes my pinky hurt after awhile.


and another thing I'd like to see OEM's doing by default is installing rubber o-rings on mechanical keyboards, they make all the difference. (although the way the K60 keys are designed it's hard to get them just right. the red keys need 2 and even 3 o-rings on some of them


also, for a gaming keyboard this REALLY needs some kind of turbo or autofire button. I miss it so much from my microsoft keyboard. basically what this button does is when you hold it and press other keys, it continues to press those keys by itself until you toggle it off. for example, autofire+w+a and you can go AFK while you run in circles and not get disconnected from a server. (many other uses too)

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I like the red sculpted keys, but I feel your fingers to easily glide off of them.


I really like the wrist pad for the wasd hand I think it's placed just right. It would be nice to have a full wrist pad so that you can comfortably use the whole keyboard as well.


Secondary full cable for the USB port is a bonus, I never really trusted the all through one usb cable other keyboards use. For a keyboard of this caliber it would have been nice to have a USB 3.0 capable port, guess I'll have to wait for next version for this.




As for the M60, I feel the sniper button should be below the forward and back thumb buttons. When I play and try to use the button I feel like i have to move my hand up the mouse to far making the other thumb buttons inaccessible. Also the forward and back keys should protrude out from the side of the mouse a little further. I find my self having to fuss to find them and figure out which is which.


I have a concern about the wheel on the mouse, weather there are going to be replaceable rubber tires(?) for the mouse wheel. I just feel like it will eventually wear and cause the wheel to freely spin.


My last thing is the ability for 5 dpi settings, I may not use it often but I certainly like to have the option for it. Was a nice feature on the MX500 I now have on the bench.

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I'd rate this keyboard a 9/10 due to the rubber key curvature personally....the spacebar thing I mentioned in actuality is a non-issue....


The keyboards main quality is the build quality



the volume roller is awsome btw, there is also a windows key toggle button (very helpful)...I love the fact that the keys are raised about and not "in" the keyboard like most.



and again the 9/10 is only because I was SOO looking forward to being pleased with all the red keycaps not just "s" and "1-whatever"

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