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Random Access Memory failure


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Hi guys,


I'm a new one here, coming from France, than excuse me for the grammatical and language faults.:D:

I buyed 4*1GB corsair CM2X1024 memory. I had win XP OS, so that only 3 GB were installed (because it recognise only 3:mad:).

I've installed win 7, and tryed to put the fourth one on the mainboard, but the computer don't want to start:eek:. I mean, it goes on, try to check up ram, but don't boot up, hard disk staying still. If i remove the fourth 1GB memory, it works perfectly. Does it mean that the 1 GB memory is dead ?:[pouts: If it is the case, what should i do to get them replaced, exchanged ?:idea:

Thanks for your help.


Kind regards.




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