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SSD issue


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Hello guys . Sorry for my bad english (i'm french) .

3 months ago i have bought a 2 SSD Corsair force 3 60 gb , i have recently return one of my drive because i had lot of bluescreen , mobo reboot after one or two hours , i couldn't made the update because i have errors when updating . And finally i have made a hard reset and it had detected lot of bad sectors .

Well, my problems is with the other SSD that it works with windows 7 64 bits (8gb of corsair Dominator, amd phenom X6 3990 mhz overclocked and asus M5A99X motherboard) . Sometimes my mobo reboot but it still blocked with the prompt . I reboot manually the mobo, go to the bios and i was surprised that the SSD is missing it doesn't appears and then the mobo can't start to windows . I was forced to turn off the mobo, put on , go to bios , SSD was present, and modify the boot device to start with SSD .

With this SSD i have no problems to update the firmware but i can't update to 1.3.3 because it notify me a error .

Is it possible that this SSD is working bad and i was obliged to return it ?

Thanks to reply

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