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Force GT Firmware 1.3.3 Still not Stable


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Dear people,


as many with me I also have problems.

I have the Force 3 GT 120.

I'm on firmware 1.3.3 and have already carried out several times a secure erase.

This is a lot of work to do everytime and it`s a shame that we must do this.

I still suffer from computer crashes, especially at startup.

Not everyday but 5 to 10 times a week.

I think it's a bad thing that a product that is not 100% trust is placed on the market.

The Sandforce 2200 series are still not to be trusted, and i think that Corsair knows, because now the come with a new product with a different controller.


As you can read on the site, SandForce royally screwed up with the 2000 series versus firmware issues.

I fear the worst but hope that the people and i who have paid a lot of money for a Force 3 gt, got helped with a STABLE FIRMWARE from Corsair.

I reed a lot on forums and i think other brands,i say no names because corsait does not allow a brand to call,

done it to make a stable firmware for the Sandforce 2200.

sorry I sound a little irritated, but touches the patience now after months of an unstable system. :mad::mad:

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It's stable for most people. Have you tried it on a different SATA port, or with a different SATA cable? Have you tried it in a different system? Have you tried RMAing it?


best wired,


As you can read on various topics in this forum, there are many more people with this problem.



My feeling says that it is not a hardware error but that it has to do with the firmware.

I think that maybe Corsair stick his head in the sand and tell us there is nothing wrong with the firmware.

As I pointed out with the link that I gave, shows that much effort to create a stable firmware for this controller.

I use the force 3 in a laptop without a choice to try him on to an another sata port.

Then I also tried it in the desktop the same result.

As I stated earlier this isn`t happened every time, but it crash on average 5 times in the week.

If you woul`d have the same SSD with no problems as I have you might have luck.

Ps.Sorry for my bad english.

grt Maykel

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