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Vengeance 1500 + Battlefield 3 - Some Straightforward Questions


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Just got a new 1500 and I'm just looking for some black and white answers to what the best settings are for Battlefield 3. I spend 99.9% of my gaming time in Battlefield 3, so I don't really care what the best general setup is for other games...just Battlefield.


1. What should the audio settings in BF3 be set to?

(I'm assuming home cinema with enhanced stereo set to OFF...)


2. In the Corsair Control Panel, do I set it to Bypass, Dolby Prologic, or Virtual 7.1?


3. If Dolby Prologic II is set, do I set the environment to Studio, Cinema, or Hall?


4. And I'm assuming I should just set the equalizer to FPS Gaming.


Thanks in advance

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This response is subject based on playing the game BF3 and is what I found best for my ears:


BF3 set to headphone mode

Dolby Prologic


Profile: FPS Gaming.


Thanks for the response.


I'm curious why you set the BF3 to headphone mode...won't this just send the headphones a 2 channel signal...? Isn't the point of the headphone design coupled with the driver to take a surround signal and virtually reproduce it?

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