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Trying to patch to latest rev


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I've been over the regedit and changed the start = 0 for AHCI, I been over the BIOS to find a simular setting - closest on just goes "Enhanced" on drive mode. (Alternatives are compatible and disabled).


I have a Corsair Force 3 SSD, 60gb, rev 1.2.


I tried to upgrade to 1.3.3, 1.3.2, 1.3. They all come up with a green tag - yes it has been successful all checks came out good and you are now running the latest patch. I've run those firmware upgrades several times with same result. I've matched the ID 22797 with the file also containing 22797.


I have reset my bios with default values and reconfigured it. I have been over the post that moves all TEMP folders to another drive.


What did I miss ?

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