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A few questions regarding the SP2500 speaker system.


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First off, please forgive my gratuitous use of emoticons in this post; I feel compelled to use them today. :D:


I've been "looking at" speakers lately and it's driving me crazy because I can't listen to them before buying, like I would with any other piece of audio equipment. :[pouts:


Since I'm only considering top-of-line 2.1 systems (for various reasons), the Corsair SP2500 (among only a few others) quickly came to the forefront during my research for three reasons:


  1. I like Corsair as a brand; they have great support and their products have never let me down (other than my X64 ssd and that whole firmware upgrade nightmare last year). :roll:
  2. The specs blow the competition out of the water. I read the product FAQ on Corsair's website and it helped a great deal in this regard (other manufacturers aren't this thorough). :sunglasse
  3. Reviews from trusted sources have been largely positive. I even read the Engadget review (not a trusted source) and enjoyed reading the twerpy comments from the readers of that site. What a bunch of morons. I hope they all drop their iPads in the iToilet. :laughing:


Anyway, on to the questions:

  • I've noticed that the price of SP2500 seems to have dropped about fifty bucks. Have the specs and/or components changed? Is it still the same product I've been reading about? :confused:
  • Sometimes I don't sit right in front of my desk while using my PC; I'm on the other side of the room (16' x 16'). I've heard some people say that this speaker system is made with a "sweet spot" in mind. In my (admittedly limited) experience, all speakers have a "sweet spot" but... any thoughts on the ability of this system to "fill a room" with sound outside of the nirvana of the aformentioned "sweet spot?" I hate the term "sweet spot" now. :evil:
  • How is the headphone out? How's the sound quality and will it drive my high-impedance headphones, or should I stick to low-impedance cans? This isn't a deal-breaker, just curious. :biggrin:


Thanks (in advance) for any help! ;):

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Hey. I've used the SP2500 for a couple of weeks now, and I would say that the SP2500 fills the room well. The "sweet spot" comments is because you lose some frequencies when you listen from the side, and not right in front of the speakers. Keep in mind that these are PC Speakers, which are supposed to be next to your pc monitor. It's not a speaker set you should use in big rooms at partys.


As for the price drops. All products go down in price after a while. The speakers have not(99.9% sure) changed, but they usually get cheaper after a while. Also, it's a christmas shopping period, so naturally best-sellers are on sale.


I haven't tried the headphone input. All in all, the SP2500 are a good buy, but remember it's a pc speaker set and are specced to be best where you sit, and not whre you walk or dance. So don't expect concert/studo quality sound when you're moving away from the speakers.

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  • Corsair Employees

Thank you DCFLY for your feedback and questions.


The SP2500's are the same. Technology always seems to drop in price across the board the long a product is out. We ship to many resellers all over the world so prices will change and fluctuate.


The headphone out provides great quality and no noticeable difference then plugging your audio headset directly into the computer.

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