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Installing w7 OS on new SSD

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I had my operating system installed on a Competitors Solid state drive - but it has just died and is in the process of being RMA'd.


So in it's place i have purchased a Corsair Force GT 60gb :D:


In order to upgrade its firmware there is a windows app - but in order to run this

i need to have windows installed - and the only available HD i have which W7 can be installed on is this SSD.


So 4 questions

1. As i have just purchased this item, is it likely to have the latest firmware? therefore negating the need to upgrade it's firmware.


2. Can i update the firmware on the SSD - whilst being in windows 7 which is installed on this drive. I suspect not!


3. Is there a Linux or Bootable way of upgrading the firmware?


4. do i need to enable AHCI before installing operating system or can i do this after?

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I don't know if firmware upgrade tool for Force3/GT will work in DOS mode - it is validated for Windows 7.


To answer your questions:


1. I guess it will come with the latest firmware, but you can never know for sure.

2. Yes, you can.

3. AFAIK not with Linux - but you can try Hiren's Boot CD or boot into Windows 7 32bit Repair Console and run the upgrade tool. The latter has been reported to work successfully.

4. You can enable AHCI after Windows installation with registry changes, but I would highly recommend to do this beforehand.

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