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M90 Micmal's Review and Picture Thread


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So I got my M90 and K90 earlier than most. I assume it's because I'm Canadian, but also my local retailer (Memory Express) had them both in stock before any of their competitors (NCIX, Newegg.ca, et al.). I'm not going to review the K90, but I have a picture thread on this forum. I also found out what the reseller price is for the M90 which is $60 which means there's a $20 mark up.


About me:

I am a Computer Engineer from Canada.

I have medium sized hands and skinny fingers.

My old gaming mouse is the Razor Diamondback 3G which is light, wired, and has 2 thumb buttons.

My old general purpose mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution which is heavy, wireless and has 5 thumb buttons.


The bottom of the mouse is not completely flat. The lower region, under your wrist is angled upward as seen in image5. I don’t know why it is like this.

Notice in image1, that there are 4 feet and not 2 as in the stock images. The 2 extra feet must have been added in later in the design.

It is possible to turn off the LEDs on the mouse (excluding the profile selector LED) from the software.


The cord has a fabric casing, made out of probably nylon. This looks nice, and adds another layer of protection; however it also tears easily if not cared for properly.

The weight is heavy for a wired mouse, I assume due to the thick aluminum used. I use to use the MX revolution which is wireless and about as heavy, so I am fine with the weight. My hand did get sore from playing Killing Floor with the mouse since it is heavier than my gaming mouse. I should get use to it eventually, and it is not an issue at all.


The left and right click buttons feels softer than my Razor, but I prefer it that way. The middle click is also soft in my experience; this is also good, since I find it hard to middle click the Razor.

The extra middle button is too far back to be clicked properly. My MX had this button in a much better place, and it was actually useable. Unless you use the base of your index finger, this button is completely unusable.

The two up/down index finger buttons are rather far and hard to press. If you have longer fingers, this would not be an issue, but if you have smaller fingers, the up button would be unreachable.


The thumb buttons for the most part are well placed and comfortable to use. They are all relatively hard to press though, and depending on the angle and location, the required force is much higher. This is the case for the 5 buttons in the back. The big middle back button is useable, but you have to use the inner knuckle of your thumb. The remaining four buttons are almost unusable without shifting your wrist back a bit. You could get use to this, but it doesn’t allow quick and easy access which is a big negative to me.


The software is exactly as buggy as everyone says it is on this forum and I will not review it until it’s updated. I will say that I cannot assign Alt-F4 (close) to a key, without closing the software though, and the ‘basic commands’ option has ‘close window’, but that does not even work, nor can I confirm that it is equal to Alt-F4. Being a programmer myself, I know that the first release (and I mean FIRST ever mouse and keyboard software from Corsair) is always buggy.


So overall, it’s a good mouse that does almost everything I need. I won’t give a rating, but I will say that I’m not returning it. I like what Corsair’s doing with their peripherals, and they should keep up the hard work.






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