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BSOD then bios doesn't see drive at boot


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I'm using a p3-128 as the boot drive on a ga-p67a-ud7-b3 board with the intel sata 3 controller.

every 4 to 6 weeks, the drive fails with bad sectors, lost data, random freezes, crashes, BSOD. I have to boot to a backup boot drive, then secure erase the drive a few times (not just once), and then restore the drive from a backup. This is a MENACE. The advantages of the speed when it works is really not worth the hassle of secure-erasing and restoring.


I did a secure-erase and restore 10 days ago, and it is already starting to freeze, then BSOD, and then fail to be recognized by the BIOS again. this is the second p3-128 to fail after a few weeks, and there are a number of others on this forum who have similar experiences with this SSD. I have to find a fix or replace this pig with something reliable enough not to require 6 hours of maintenance a month.

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