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H100 and Antec 1200


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is there a thread that saying about how we can place the H100 @ Antec1200?

im really worry that it wont fit on my case and then im forced to buy another?! cooling solution ?


can i have an answer about that or a link about that to read?

thanx in advance

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i never tried my self but according videos and some reviews to fit the H100 at Rear top tower spot you need to bend it a little and not put it in straight line...


as for the top part u need to remove the 200mm fan and in generall requires to do some "work"


i asked there maybe someone else did it with other way or tell me how he did it...


sorry for my bad english

i hope for an answer before i order my h100 or h80 (it will have so much difference on my intel 2600k ?)

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