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Suggested sata 3 controller?


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I bought a 180GB Force 3 SSD and a RocketRAID 620 sata 3 controller. I was disappointed to see that the drive was faster when using my MOBO sata 2 connection than using the RocketRAID controller.

my MOBO is the eVGA classified 4 way.


Anyone have a suggestion for a sata 3 controller that will provide more than 280mb through put?


I am thinking the ASUS U3S6 but since it support PCIe x4 but they don't seem to be available anywhere?


Anyone want to buy a second hand RocketRAID controller ;)



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The best SATA 3 controller would be the Intel SATA III 6GB/s ones. I think your better off using your Onboard Intel controller.


Do yo have a specific model to recommend?

My on board controller is sata 2 and the best I get is 280MB. It seems a shame to leave another 200MB on the table.

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