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Force Series 3 120 GB corrupt files


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Hello, I'm having some trouble that started when I bought a new Corsair Force 3 drive that I'm hoping to get resolved.


The issue is that random files seem to get corrupted on the drive. The most obvious example of this is that I've got an install of battlefied 3 that stops working after 2-3 weeks of being installed. Other programs are also behaving strangly. Recently chrome started crashing while trying to load a dll.


I've reinstalled windows 3 times now. Each time the system is stable for a day or two, then programs start crashing. Programs almost always crash on launch. BF3 is the only program that has reliably has crashed in all 3 windows installs.


Before installing this drive my system was very stable. Now even with a clean install files become corrupt. I've run memtest86 on my memory and it did not report any errors.


The strange thing is that no drive errors are being reported. I've checked the event logs, I've run a scan of the drive and no errors are reported.


I've got a few questions I was hoping you could help with.


I've paid for in store replacement on this drive, but the technicians at the store do not belive it could be failing. They 'scan' the drive to look for errors. I believe this means doing a full scan of the drive looking for bad sectors. What I'd like to know is, is this an accurate method of detecting errors on an SSD? Are raw sectors exposed to the operating system or are they abstracted behind a memory controller that is in charge of remapping bad sectors? Once these sectors are remapped on an SSD will they be visible to a tool such as chkdsk? That is will they still show up as bad sectors.


Are there any other tools I can use to test my drive?


Does this sound like the issue is the SSD drive in my case? If it sounds likely I'll just buy a new drive to minimize my downtime. I don't even mind, the performance of these drives is amazing, and hard drives do fail.

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