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Question for 500R owners re side panel


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So Im loving this case. Pretty much perfect in for my needs bar 1 thing that I know will drive me crazy soonish. The side panel is 1 huge dust conductor.


Has anyone seen/heard/came up with a good way to make a dust filter for the huge side panel to try and minimise the dust getting into the case? If so I would really like to hear about it :)

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DemciFlex have a filter available for the 500R side panel. I have one on it's way now. About thirty bucks including shipping from South Africa. There may be cheaper options out there but these guys have a pretty good reputation from what I can tell.


Dimensions are 329mm*250mm if that helps. This according to my trusty tape measure would be the outside dimensions of the frame that sticks to the case, leaving the entire mesh covered in dust filter. Well that's the plan. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Looking forward to seeing the 500r with the DemciFlex filter, be sure to post a picture! Very interested in purchasing one.


DemciFlex filter Photos :)


Yes overhangs the edge so the entire cutout is filtered. I think it looks pretty good. Almost tempted to remove the side panel grill and fan and it would look like a window.

Anyway. I like it.


Last shot is for comparison.






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