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Extremely unhappy with the quality of the hs1's I purchased...

Not happy

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In a nutshell I hate my hs1's not that the sound quality isn't great but the microphone is extremely unreliable and even after months of fiddling with settings I have been unable to to fix the volume of my microphone or the distortions. Considering that this is my first run in with one of your products I was surprised at the quality given all the good things I had heard about your computer hardware.


I have no receipt (although the store I purchased them from will have a record of it on their computer, I believe the save electronic receipts). I also don't have the box as it was just thrown out a week ago by less than intelligent human being who had been warned that I need it so I can not even try and recoup some of my money with the rebate I was promised.


At 50 dollars I would be a little aggravated by the quality of the microphone never mind paying almost 200 dollars for them.


I have tried contacting the store but the 30 day warranty is up, if I can't get something worked out here I will probably go to the store and demand y money back as I feel I was sold a defective product.


Like I said I have been through HOURS of searching google and previously this site. aA well as trying many of my own ideas in the control panel and option menus to get them running at an acceptable level. It has not happened and I am fairly sure it will not happen considering the lengths I have gone to. I have changed all the volume settings on my computer, and tweaked practically every equalizer or sound altering setting available...


I really have no desire to get an RMA, from the reading I have done they do not fix the issue I have. I enjoy the sound quality of the headphone themselves it is simply the microphone that doesn't work for me, which makes them pretty much useless for what I want to do with them (I record music and play a very intense team based online real-time strategy game often, those are the purposes for which they were purchased.


If at all possible I was hoping to send my headphone in or return them in order to purchase a pair of corsairs without the attached microphone which I would buy separately...


I apologize for the essay but I didn't want to forget anything.


I would appreciate any help offered as I can not play my games or record at any level I would call acceptable right now...

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The quality doesn't really change from one program to the next but the two programs I am referring to are the recording program on my computer and an online game run through steam called Natural Selection I am using an onboard sound card.


I have tried them on two different computers and there is no change, the only thing that makes the microphone "bearable" according to my friends online is when I tweak some of the setting in the corsair sound control menu, the name of the more important setting is escaping me at the moment though... Regardless even after the setting are tweaked the microphone does not compare to ones I have had on 39 dollar pairs of headphones.

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This seems sad to me. If there is a problem you have no easy solution for you begin to ignore me?


I need help as a customer, otherwise I am no longer a customer... These headphones are defective and everyone who uses the audio section of the forums knows it. What can be done? I can get an electronic copy of my receipt from the store the headphones were purchased from.

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