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Starting to get put off the K90


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From reading more posts and websites as all i could do at the time was preorder.


1st was that the K90 is not full mechanical:sigh!:but had read it and was going to let it slide.

But then seen some post that are saying that the move from pressing the mechanical keys over to pressing the dome would not fell right ???.


But my 2 main points


The macro keys and function key and some others are dome as they say there not used as much ????


I would think as its put out there for mmo gamers they would be the most used lol.




Agen the same dome keys do not have back lights ???


So all the keys used from mmo gaming on this mmo gaming keyboard are dome keys are not lit up :-)


So all the mmo parts of this key can be had from keyboards at half the price and be back lit.


its as if they have been trying to hard to get it right that no one has taken a step back.


or i could be way off on this hehe.


so now im 50/50 and dont know if i should get it :-(


Dose any mmo players have it yet ?? and say if im just getting it all rong and that it is as good as it looks :-)



sry for the long post.

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That was October, I got the email this morning. December from Corsair, so who should I believe? and do I still want this without the key caps?

Plus half the keys don't have back light, Just the Mechanical ones. and it is when I play games that I keep the lights low.


I will have to give this some thought.

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