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Missing parts Graphite 600T Limited Edition


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This week i bought an Corsair Graphite 600T white Limited edition computer case.


When i received the box, the company who sell it to me had taped it with its own company tape..


I have bought this case in the netherlands from a company called:


Cd-rom-land from breda..


That stupid folk had opened the complete box, because they taped it again with

cd-rom-land tape..


But now i missing some parts, thats the main problem here...


- Iam missing the 2 keys to lock the side panel.. ( i looked everywhere, but can find them, they arent in the plastic bag with the screws..)


- Isnt there an 5,25 inch bay to 3,5inch device for floppy drive or card reader?


Could Corsair send me the parts iam missing.. otherwise i have to contact the company who sell this expensive JUNK to me.. I dont like if company removing any tape or sealing of they selling it to me..

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Why did you stupid people mounted a lock on the upperside (under the top plate)?


So iam talking about the lock, you can lock the left side panel with..


The lock is mounted on the case.. But there arent any keys for it?:confused:



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  • Corsair Employees

Well what can i say except I am sorry I was not aware that we were doing that.

But please submit a RMA request and ask for a key to unlock your case, be sure to include your name address and phone number of the request cannot be processed.

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