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Got my Vengeance 1500! - Got some questions


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I received my vengeance 1500 yesterday!


I put it on and ... honestly the most comfortable headset I have ever worn!


I am massively confused by the software and what settings to use in games and/or movies. :confused::eek::confused:


I assume bypass is stereo?


Dolby 5.1 is Dolby 5.1 ... Does that enable dolby headphone and dolby II? Are the 3 different room settings basically just putting the speakers farther away? Studio and Cinema seem fine ... but hall is echoey (which I assume it should be).


As far as 7.1 speaker shifter goes ... is that dolby too? Or is that just 7.1 without the dolby effects? Should I be moving the speakers closer or farther away? Or leaving them where they are? Should I be using this setting in games even if the game only supports 5.1?


Should I be using the preset EQ settings? I have no knowledge how to tweak EQ myself whatsoever.


I tried bypass with music + bass and music sounds amazing! That's probably the part I'm most impressed with so far. But, I bought this headset for games ... so I want to be impressed with the surround settings lol.


I tried 5.1 and 7.1 with fps eq for bf3 and mmo for diablo 3. Overall, I can't really find settings that sound good. In bf3 5.1 sounds muddled ... 7.1 the mids and highs seem to overpowering compared to the lows.


I came from a logitech g35 which had some pretty thunderous bass and less ear piercing highs. Also, there was much less options on the g35. It was either 7.1 dolby surround or stereo. Yes there was an EQ on the g35, but it wasn't needed.


I also saw some forum rumblings about changing the audio sound encoding from the default CD setting on config under playaback devices. Is this needed?


I guess I am just trying to figure out what settings I should use for games and what settings I should use for movies/movie trailers? I know that I like bypass and music + bass for music. Also, there is an fps eq setting and an mmo setting. What sort of settings should I use for RTS games like Starcraft 2 and RPG's like diablo 3. Just kinda lost here.


Any help on this would be appreciated ... I would like to understand this headset more. Right now I'm a little overwhelmed. I want to keep the headset because I absolutely love how comfortable it is.

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Below are a few links going over the features of the drivers EQ:






It is good to learn the fundamentals of how to adjust but in the end it will depend on personal preference. Generally the FPS settings is great for all types of games.

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Yea I read those. Honestly, most of the EQ settings I find way too "bright" for my tastes. (and I don't really understand how to manually make EQ profiles - mainly because I don't know what each slider constrols and/or means)


Last night I used 7.1 shifter with the music+bass EQ for a movie and for games. It sounded very good with that EQ preset. Much more deep and less "bright." Is there anything you would suggest that I change in that preset to be more conducive to games and movies? I just like the bass notes that that EQ profile has compared to all the others.


Also, is the dolby setting 5.1 or 7.1?


I have to say I watch part of batman begins with the 7.1 shifter set to music+bass and the headset was incredible. I wish you had more EQ profiles with the same bass profile as that EQ setting.

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