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Force 3 120 GB Dead?


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Serial No: 113103528

Model CSSD-F120GB3-BK

Purchased 25-08-2011 (not even 4 months old)



Intermittently failing (System hang) for last few weeks (One per week or so), upon restart drive not detected.

Remove power cable from PC for a minute, plug back in and try again, and it would work fine again.


Now, switched off PC this morning as per normal, come back home this evening and boot drive failure.

Drive not recognised in Bios.

Tried different cable. Same.

Tried different port. Same.

Tried different controller. Same.


So now I have a dead drive with all my data on it, which I would quite like to have back!


Any suggestions to recovering data before it gets sent off to be RMA'ed?


Reading through the posts here, there appear to be quite a few people with similar symptoms.. I thought the issues were fixed with the new firmware?

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Same result on another computer.


To top this off, my system started crashing (Randomly rebooting) even with my other drives and also started giving the "No boot device detected " errors, along with having to unplug the Power and then sticking it back in, up to the point I cleared my CMOS and removed all other hardware from the PC in an effort to problem solve.


After clearing my CMOS, My system wouldn't post, and hung on "Initializing Hard Drive Controller".


Researched it on MSI's website and came to the conclusion that this can be caused by an underpowered PCI-E device.


Removed the card and replaced it with an older 7600GT, without the PCI-E power connectors, and sure enough, pc boots up again. (SSD still dead)


Unfortunately I don't have another PSU to try the GFX on, as none of my spares have the PCI-E Power plugs.


So, Both my Corsair SSD AND my Corsair TX650 are faulty.


I wonder if my SSD is dead as a result of the TX650.


The TX650 has been making squeaky noises under load, but after reading the sticky this appeared to be normal.


Luckily, both products are from the same company, so this might be fun!


Going to make another post in the PSU section.

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* Once your package is received, Corsair will process your replacement order in 3-5 days.

All replacements will be shipped UPS Standard. Please allow 2-4 business days transit time for delivery.


So, however long it takes to send my drive to The Netherlands (I'd guess 5 working days maximum)


3-5 working days at corsair

and 2-4 working days return postage.


Total of around 10-15 working days, add weekends to that about 2-3 weeks?


Add to that Christmas and new year.

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Well it's been done and handled already!


Just got a confirmation that it has been marked for pick-up by UPS.


Now its back in UPS' hands.


I hope to get it back before new year, with xmas being in the way etc (But its a weekend anyway!)

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The parcel still hasn't been picked up at Corsair... My guess is they won't go back to work until January 2, so it won't get posted until then..:sigh!:


Sneaky sneaky creating a mailing label but not getting it picked up. :mad:

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