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Only surge protector is enough with AX850?


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I just purchased AX580 along with other hardwares for my new PC and tried it last night.


However, I've always used this old UPS with my old PC that has power supply from other brand and I'm not sure if that old power supply had these protections that the AX850 has or not (Over-voltage and over-current protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection provide maximum safety to your critical system components)


So I always relied on UPS for those protections.


However, I know that you have to use Pure Sine Wave UPSs with AX850 and my old UPS is Simulated Sine and pretty low on Wattage so I can't use that anymore, I searched around and it looks like Pure Sine Wave UPSs are too expensive for me.


Right now I don't worry much about power outage, I just need something to help protect the power supply to last longer and not die.


So is surge protector enough?


Do I need something like power stabilizer or automatic voltage regulator stuff with AX850 to ensure protection or AX850 can manage that on its own?


For the surge protector, I'm currently using ******** 4-Outlet Surge Protector with

Maximum Energy Dissipation: 210 Joules

Max Spike Current: 6,500 Amps


Is this OK? or I need higher Surge Protector specs? Or more protections?

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You really dont need a surge protector. The PSU has it's own built in circuitry protection to deal with surges. But it's not going to hurt if you use another. Most people have more plugs than outlets at the PC anyway.


Thanks for the reply! But since I'm kinda paranoid about this.


Always felt uneasy when I have my PC running without some kind of stuff that helps clean the power.


As for now, Pure Sine Wave PSU can be excluded from my list of things I'm going to buy unless the price could be reduced to maybe $160-$230 but I don't see any Pure Sine Wave PSU that sells for less than $322 here in Thailand.





Does anyone know that PSU, apart from letting PC run on reserved power from UPS's battery when there's outage, what does the it do to the output power?


And if I decide to buy AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), will it do the same thing like PSU, just not reserving power? I found some that's not expensive.



Also AVR doesn't have battery right? (Since it can't reserve power like UPS) and so it will help clean the power while the output is the same as input source (Pure Sine Wave) right?

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The over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, etc, protections that the AX850 and other PC power supplies have, work with and control the power that is produced by the AX850 itself. Those features are active on the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V power rails of the AX850. They have nothing to do with the AC power coming into the power supply. Your UPS did not provide those protections with your old PC power supply, or add more to an AX850.


The surge protection used on most if not all UPS units is the same as is used in the outlet strips with surge protection like you have now. A part called a Varistor is added to circuitry, at the AC input, to catch or stop the surges. Cheap units have only one varistor, while better ones use three, one on each for the three wires used to supply AC power. Varistors are made with different capacities, which is why you see different ratings on the maximum spike current and power dissipation. Of course, the higher those ratings, the better.


Some UPS's have an AVR built into them, but voltage regulation is not the same thing as surge or spike protection. Voltage surges or spikes are very high voltages that last for a fraction of a second. AVRs are not fast enough to regulate or block the surges by themselves. If you know that your local AC power goes up or down a lot, meaning + or - 10V or more from the normal value, then an AVR will help with that.


Your surge protection outlet is very weak, a 720 Joule, 48,000 Amp protected outlet strip can be bought for $10 in the US. Look for the highest ratings you can afford, of a well known manufacture, that should also included RFI and EMI filtering. I use surge and filtering outlet strips made for audio equipment, which are more expensive but actually work well. I don't use a UPS at all.

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Thanks! I will look for better Surge Protection outlet tomorrow.


I think I will go for at least 6-ways outlet but the last time I checked, this one is priced at $41-


1,444 Joules.

46,500 Amps.


And another one is which is 8-ways, 2,444 Joules, 86,000 Amps is priced at $64.


And I don't see RFI/EMI filtering in the description for both outlet models. The outlet is made by well known manufacturer, the ones sold in US (Same manufacturer) seem to be cheaper and has RFI/EMI filtering but Input Voltage in Thailand is 220V.


So I guess I will spend more and buy some decent AVR (Has RFI/EMI Filtering too) along with the new Surge Protection outlet, that should be OK.

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Sorry for double-posting.


Has anyone heard of success story in using Simulated Sine Wave UPS with AX850 and the PSU didn't go crazy/whine/buzz? Also what happens if it's running on the battery power and how much will it degrade/damage the PSU? If so, what's the brand and model of that UPS?

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If a UPS damages or degrades a PS, then the UPS is worthless. Some power supplies aren't "happy" running off a UPS, as you know. Given what I have read, some PSs will shut down when drawing higher power from a UPS. Also, every PS reacts differently to a UPS, and then the UPS's are different, so who knows how they will react.


Since most UPS's can run a PC for only a few minutes, and 15 minutes would be very long for even say ~$350+ UPS's, there isn't to much to worry about.

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