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Random system halt Windows 7


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I have a random System Halt problem since installing a Corsair Force 3 SSD 90GB drive. Any help would be appreciated.



Windows 7 32bit Pro - installed fresh with no other drives connected.

System board - Asus P5N32 sli plus

SATA HD connected after Windows build to host pagefile and temp folders.


Issue happens with both on board SATA controller and Startech PEXSAT32 controller (fresh builds of Windows each time).


System will be working fine, then will get a blue screen "System Halt" crash error. No memory dump or stop code.


Crash can happen after 2 mins or 1 hour. Can be using any app when this happens.


RMA'd drive and got a replacement. Error still happening.


BIOS and all drivers the latest.


Drive firmware is 1.3.2. (as shipped with replacement disk). Tried to update to 1.3.3 but update tool unable to see drive. Tool was able to detect an update firmware of the original drive. All other components are unchanged.


Diag outputs that I have run show:


AS SSD is stating the following:

Corsair Force 3 SSD


mv91xx - OK

103424 - OK


CrystalDiskInfo gives me the following:

Firmware 1.3.2

Features: S.M.A.R.T 48bitLBA LBA APM TRIM

Health Status Good


System before switching to an SSD was working fine. Memory check has shown no issues.


Any ideas?


Many thanks.

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