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Re 2417061 - Please can you assist, I had a CWCH80 water cooler for 4 weeks which worked fine, went away for 2 weeks and on return the water cooler no longer worked, which took me over the time period I could return from where I purchased.

I started communication with yourselves on 21 Nov and because I had no home e-mail address I had to use my work address, there was always a 1 to 2 day delay in responses (never got a same day response from yourselves), my RMA was submitted 27/11 and I got approval from you on the 28/11.

30/11 I returned the faulty product to Holland costing me GBP 18.86 (apprx USD 30.00) on 8/12 product was confirmed as received in Holland, it was not until the 12th December that the status changed to “RMA is being processed by Corsair” and nothing else has happened since.

Result I have been without a computer for over 3 weeks, so cannot see my personal e-mails and I am unable to work from home causing me to have to travel to work every day. I desperately need this replaced as soon as possible, I have also sent 2 e-mails to “RMA Service” on 12/12 and 13/12 pleading for this to be turned around quickly but have had no response.

Please can you take a look at this case and advise when I will get the product replaced, I ideally need the product by Friday.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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