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Corsair 650D fan controller and CASE FANS!


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Quick question: I removed the stock Corsair 200m fans and put the "Coolermaster Megaflow 200mm fans" in it's place. They are 100+ CFM and 1800 or so rpm I believe.


But they don't feel like there pushing "alot" more air. Could just be me, but, I have them plugged into the Obsidian stock fan controller - the switch is on "HIGH" but does anyone know if this fan controller, even on high, limits the max RPM of the fan?


Would I be better off plugging straight into the molex on PSU??


Thank you.

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The 650 fan controller is optimized for the fans that came with the case. When the fan is running at 1000rpm, it will consume 3.72W with a current of .31A. Each connector from the fan controller can handle up to 1A.
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