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H100 POST options? ... and a couple comments.


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Hey corsair, is there any chance we can get revised firmware for these Hydro series coolers? Having the fans spin to 100% during POST seems excessive... i'm pretty sure the wife doesnt approve. A user option for an H100 'silent' POST would be fantastic!


... not even sure there's an interface to update firmware on these things.


Just askin :)


These are my only 'gripes' with the product so far.


The only other thing i can think of is making the hoses more flexible if at all possible. Even in an 800d, that would have helped.


And last but not least, considering that many folks are going to be using these as Push/Pull, some help in installing that way would be greatly appreciated by your customers.


Oh, packaging department... my H100 was nice and snug, but the little package of screws etc was loose and sitting against the fins of my radiator on opening. This needs to be secured at the packaging facility somehow. that would reduce the bent fin RMA count i'm sure.


Thanks for listening!

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