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CX600 stoped working 2 months after purchase


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i brought this power supply off dabs.com 2 months ago when i built a new pc, i had been using a unbranded power supply in my last build that worked fine for 1-1 1/5 years without any issues, the other night i turned off my pc and in the monring it would not turn on. all i could get was the fans to spin for less than a second then it dies. i was wondering what you will offer as i have heard even new units you have sent to people have the same problem shortly after they recive there new part. as it is going to cost me atleast £20 so ship my dead power supply back to you can you offer me any upgrades as it is hardly worth the money to just get a replacement, seeing as the power supply itself cos me £50 its almost half way to buying a new one.


any help would be appriciated

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