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AX850 & HD6950 Issue


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Dear Support Team,


I bought a new PC. Now I have the following issue with my parts. I have a Asus M5A99X mainboard / Corsair AX850 / Saphire HD6950 Dirt Edition (Dual Fan) and ******** Ram...


Now I have entered all part properly in my new HTPC case Veris Fusion Remote MAX and connected the Mainboard (24pin + 8pin) as well as the HD6950 with 2 x 6pin PCI-E Power Cable. Now I boot my PC to Bios and everything works, always after 2-7 min, the screen goes black, by checking the parts inside I have on the HD6950 a red LED light (means no sufficient power) on as well as on the mainboard the vga LED burning red (HD6950 not recognised). Really Strange...


Now when I put my finger on the PCI-E Power Cable and lift it slowly the red LED goes of. it looks like my PCI-E Power Cable has a loose connection, I ensured that it is properly connected to the PSU as well as completly click in in the HD6950...


Does someone have an Idea how I can check the PCI-E Power Cable for a loose connection? Or does someone see another issue I may not see right now.


Thanks for your answer...





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