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Thanks Corsair!


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Dear Corsair and tech team


I've actually signed up with the forum to tell you how much I appreciated your A/S.


I've purchased two 500Rs, had a problem with a 120mm fan, and a 200mm fan. I contacted Corsair's support team, took me a few goes, but communication was easy, goods were sent real fast. HASSLE FREE.


I'm the kind of guy who places a huge value in customer service and warranty etc. Corsair is definitely up there in terms of after service. My mates, brother, and myself, we were all impressed. I've dealt with other companies, taking forever to return emails, goods take forever to be shipped.


There are good services, and out standing services. Corsair in my honest opinion is outstanding. I would most definitely purchase more of Corsair products in the future.


Oh and I'm sure I'm gonna be talking about this the next time I grab a drink at a pub with my mates.


Many thanks,


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