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Another compatability question !


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Hi guys,I am looking to upgrade my ram to 8gb but because of my rampage extreme x48 board apparently its a bit hit and miss,these are the options the corsair site gives me.


Now do i go with the 4 x 2 gb sticks at 1333mhz or get 2 sets of the dominator modules at 1600mhz ?.


The ******** ripjaw 4gb i have at the moment will only let me o/c the cpu to around 3.6ghz stable 6hrs in prime 95,and i would like to break the 4ghz mark.


I just want to ring the last dregs of life from my current ageing rig before i bite the bullet and splash the cash.


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I am sorry but at this time all of the modules that would run on this MB are no longer available that would be able to reach higher clock frequencies, and many of the newer modules are made with a memory IC that is not compatible with the older X48 Chipset. Most of our 2.0 and 4.,0 Gig modules ion production use a memory IC which is 512M X 8 and this MB will not work with the high density memory we are using currently. Sorry. The only choice would be our Value Select CM4VGX3M2A1333C9
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