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H100 - stock fan dimension issue


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Hey all, just installed a fresh H100, So far, so good. Nice lowwww temps.


I've got the rad installed in the front two sections of the triple 120mm radiator spot at the top of my Corsair Obsidian 800d. Hoses towards the back of the case.


here's the problem: i bought a Noctua NF-12P to go into the rear-most spot along side the radiator as an additional intake. The noctua fan is slightly THICKER than the corsairs, if i'm not mistaken.


I've got it all installed, which was a PITA the first time, so i don't really want to remove it to measure the corsair fans.


Can someone from Corsair please tell me/us the exact measurements of the depth of the corsair fans?

Noctua.at states that the NF-12P is 120mmX120mmX25mm ...


is the corsair fan 120mmX120mmX20mm ?


Not that it appears that I need the extra instake @ the top... i just want better airflow over the motherboard.


Also, does Corsair offer extra fan/rad/washer screws for installing 2 additional fans as either push/pull?


Thanks in advance,


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