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Asus P9X79 PRO/3930k & H100 Temps?


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We build 3 Workstations over the weekend with the same configuration (see thread title)


As we overclock them to 4.7 Ghz temps raise up to 80°C after 10 min Prime95 small FFT's.

We almost need 1.34v-1.37v for overclock.

now i read the overclock guide @ corsair blog...You rease Vcore to 1.45v and handle the temps with your H100????

So...we do something wrong? all three Stations reach 80°C @4.7Ghz and 1.34v-1.37v.

TIM is original H100, Screws are hand tighten (can't use a screwdriver on those screws).

Can i expect more from the H100 and we are doing something wrong or thats it?




Cooler Master HAF X

Quadro 4000 (don't generate a lot of heat)

Revodrive 3 x2

H100 push air out from inside (top)

I order 2 more Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fans for push/pull setup.


I try to provide some picture's but for me, 80°C for a 4.7 Overclock seems to much.


greetings Lace

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Ahhh, Sorry about that I totally missed that guide. It's actually a pretty good read. Makes me want one sooner than im gonna get it though. :P


Also it's not a p9x79,it's a RIVE... but Voltage and temps can't be so different?

You would think anyway. To be honest im not sure what to tell you. I dont know enough about the 2011 CPU's yet. Only seen a few of then come through.However, with all 3 running about the same, i dont think you are doing anything wrong. Might just be how they are going to run.


Do you have your fans on the cooler drawing air in from the case or cool air from outside the case?


Push/pull maybe?

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Sorry, i know is a punishment to read my english :)


Actually i have the 2 standard fans pushing the hot air from inside the case to the outside. The Radiator is mounted on top of the HAF X.


There is also a 200mm fan in the side vent and a 230mm fan in the front, they push fresh air in the case. Inside the case there is another 120mm fan mounted on a VGA duct which is cooling the quadro 4000 (150W@load) and the SSD. The Graphic card push the hot air he generate to the backside. The 8x 4GB RAM are also cooled by 2 RAM cooling units with 2 60mm fan each.


As i say before i order 2 more fans to try push/pull with the H100, but i don't expect a lot from it.


Greetings Lace

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I have that MB but I'm using the H80.


I have the fans set for low speed to hold down the noise.


It is idling at 45C but if I put the fans up to high the idle drops to 34C.

My fans are set to draw air from outside through the radiator and then into the case and I have an exhaust fan above that and an 120 mm exhaust fan in the front to remove air from the case. The case is a Thermaltake Kandalf and is ventilated on top also.


No heat problem ... just a fan noise problem.


Highest temp I've seen is 51C while playing RAGE.

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