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CX430 V2 Turns on than immediately off


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I opened case # 2470729 for an RMA, but in the mean time, to save some time and get other advice, I thought I'd update what's going on here.


So, I have a CX430 V2 in a setup I built for a friend. It ran fine for about a month and then all of a sudden my friend tells me that the "PC will not turn on". That could mean tons of things! Ugh. Sure enough, I plug it in, turn it on, nothing. Or so it seems. I open the case, unplug, plug in, turn on, everything turns on for less than one second then immediately shuts off. All fans (even the PSU fan), lights, ect, turn on then off right away.


So, after different tests I tried another power supply (probably first thing I should have done) and the system boots up no problem. I have to assume it's the PSU.


Any other advice?


Thank you,


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