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Force F160 SSD HDD light lock up


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I have a Corsair Force Series 160GB SATA II SSD (CSSD-F160GBP2-BRKT) and started having small OS freezes for 10 - 15 sec intervals once or twice a day a few months ago. Over time, it continued to get worse, until yesterday, my computer would boot up half of the time with an "Operating System not found" message and the other half of the time, Windows would boot up fine and 5 - 15 minutes after using the system, the HDD light would go solid and the mouse would move but I would be unable to do anything until I shut off the computer. I've updated the firmware to 2.4, verified that AHCI is running in the Bios and have listed my computer specs below. Booting into Safe Mode has the same problem and even when I went to reformat the drive/reinstall Windows 7, I'd get an error halfway through formatting the drive.


For the time being, I have a 500GB 7200RPM HDD in this system and it is working fine.


My specs are: Dell Studio XPS 1340, Core2Duo 2.66GHz, 6GB RAM, Win 7 x64 Ultimate.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Your laptop has Intel G45 Express Chipset which has incompatible issues with Force Sata II series (Sandforce 12xx controller) ssd like your F160.

For the moment, only partial solution is to secure erase + fresh install OS + disable sleep/hibernate option.

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Why would this start happening now after owning and using this drive in this system for a year? It makes no sense to me.


There are many causes:

a) over the time ssd performance suffer an alteration. If the ssd is almost full (over 70-80% of capacity) write speed decrease and ssd SF1200 controller technology Duraclass put the ssd in recovery mode for an unknown period of time. All the parameters of the ssd changes (all timmings) and old Bios-es cannot cope whit it;

b) AHCI/RAID standard include hot-swap capability. The old chipsets/bios/motheboards did not implement fully hot-swap standards. In my opinion this is the main problem. The pair ssd-computer sistems works well (this is your case) on a very narrow range of parameters. When it arise a small change all the sistem is break down.

The solutions: secure erase, bios update (if it exists), use another ssd with Intel controller.

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Thank you for your help, Eugene. I've tried secure erase, but after I go through the formatting process and begin installing Windows, it locks up with the HDD light staying on solid for hours.


The BIOS on my system is up to date (and has been).


I appreciate your recommendation to try another drive and will do so when the time comes to upgrade, but I want a working Corsair SSD that I paid $400 for 1 year ago. If Corsair wants to buy me a Intel SSD of similar size and speed, I'm happy to accept that as an alternative.


When the problem started happening, I had 50GB+ of free space.



Is there an official Corsair representative that can help me with this?

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