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Need help on TX750M


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I have a HP Pavilion Elite 380T desktop. After installed the Corsair TX 750M power supply, the PC doesn't boot anymore. I called HP tech support, she said the PC is suppoted by 750 watt power supply, and asked me to get help from Corsair, since if I put the old power supply back, the PC works fine. Please let me know if the TX 750 is compatible with HP Pavilion with Mother board Truckee-UL8E and processor i7 930? Or anything I should do while install the Corsair power supply.


Thank very much for help.


Is Corsair TX 750 PSU compatible with most of PCs? Should I assume this PSU is faulty, since the old PSU works? Please help,



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Unfortunatly that power supply will not work with your computer. It comes down to a wattage issue and other compatibility reasons.


The highest wattage Corsair power supply that will work with your computer is the HX 650 don't try to use the TX or AX series 650 watt power supply as they will not work either only the HX series.


Check the HP forums if you wish to verify what I have said. Good Luck.

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Why does HP use some odd, apparently non-ATX spec mother board in some (?) of their PCs?


Yes, the TX 750M is compatible with the vast majority of PCs that you would build from a mix of all kinds of parts available for DIY PC construction. Some AOI (All In One) PC manufactures use proprietary mother boards with non-standard connectors, for no other reason than to tie you to them if you need parts.


The only possible issue with wattage would be insufficient power for all the components in a PC, "to much" or matching the wattage makes no sense. I wonder if your board is still looking for a -5V rail on the main connector? If so, 99% of the power supplies available won't have it. That is long gone on modern PC power supplies for sale to consumers.

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