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Performance Pro 128 System Hangs


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I've recently purchased a Corsair Performance Pro, P128 about one week ago and I have encountered a number of instances where my system hangs. In Windows I receive a screen that says "Preparing Security Options..." as I try to make my way around that system hang by pressing ctrl+alt+del. The system is unresponsive at this point and requires a hard reset.


I have made sure I am running the latest Intel RST, chipset drivers, and BIOS. I have also tried a few installations of Windows to see if that would alleviate the problem, but it has not. I also attempted to reset the CMOS, enable & disable options like 'hotplugging', and manually align the drive prior to Windows 7 installation.


Prior to this drive I had been running an Intel X25-M 120GB with no issues for quite some time, so I feel that the rest of my system should be doing okay.


Is there something I may be missing?


Thank you.

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