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H70 suddenly fails too cool CPU


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My H70 seems to be working, i can feel the coolant passing through the pipes and both fans are working as intended but for a few days now my CPU has been overheating rapidly under usage.


A few days back the computer shut down while i was playing BF3, i restarted the system and immediately went into the BIOS to check out the temperature and it showed the CPU at 98 degrees celsius. Since then it's been climbing rapidly whenever im pushing the CPU around 38% of full capacity, slowly reaching 90-92 degrees celsius. Whenever a server switches maps in BF3 and CPU usage jumps to 80% im quickly peaking 97-98 degrees - with my chassi open.


Nothing else has changed, im using a GTX570, Corsair XM3 RAM, BeQuiet! powersupply and a Gigabye GA-EX58UD5 motherboard.


Since the pump at least seems to be working and both fans are running im at a loss why the H70 isn't cooling properly anymore. Has anyone else had problems with H70 suddenly losing it's cooling capacity?

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Hey guys and thanks for the tips!


After unscrewing the fans i found the source of the problem. Apparently some dust had created a film over the radiator effectively stopping airflow while being very hard to spot from the outside. It must have been building up for a long time and resisted my earlier attempts at vacuuming it off.


The reason i didn't assume it was a dust buildup was that the overheating started very suddenly and that i haven't noticed any scaling problems with heat buildup previously - which is odd. But perhaps the dust buildup just reached critical levels and heating escalated very rapidly. Either way, i must state that in my defense im a wee bit on the daft side.


Now the CPU heat levels is down to acceptable levels (below 70 degrees celsius when pushed) however and i can calmly sit back and count down the hours to SWTOR pre-access.

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