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Module identification


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I run a secondary PC for some apps which has been experiencing BSOD's recently. Checked all hardware, and eventually did a clean install of Windows 7. Still getting the odd BSOD with various different errors.


The PC has 4 x CM2X512A-6400 modules. Ran Memtest86 which identified errors. So have spent a bit of time testing individual modules and they all check out OK. Started to run the teest in pairs and so far no errors. Now running all 4 x 512Mb modules. However, on Memtest, one modules is identified as CM X512A-6400 , rather than CM2..... Moved the module to a diffrerent slot and its definitely the module.


Whats the significance of the slightly different label on the module, if any, anbd could this be the root of my errors ?




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There is not problem with the part number it is still the correct SPD information for the timings on all of the modules right?

Its is not uncommon for some programs to miss read the part numbers. I would check the modules one at a time in Windows with CPU-Z and look under the SPD tab. In addition, when mixing memory like that I would suggest setting the memory frequency to DDR667 and set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts and you may need to increase the Memory controller Voltage +.2 Volts as well.

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