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Vengeance 1500 crackling/static


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As the title says, i'm having problem with this headset but only when i'm playing a game in fullscreen. I've tried to reproduce the crackling sound and i haven't been able. The odd part is it only happens when i'm playing a game in fullscreen. If i put the game in a windowed mode the cracking/static sound goes away.


I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling the onboard audio drivers, changing the usb ports, went back to stock settings for my CPU and GPU and nothing.


Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the problem ?


Edit : I'm running a nvidia surround setup. It looks that the problem only occurs when i'm running a game with my 3 screens and on full screen.

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I'm having the same issue.


Mine is only slightly different. I find that if I minimize the full screen game then re-enter it I get the same crackle. It progresses for some time and will come and go intermittently. 30 seconds - 1 min of this sound is pretty loud.


Its not showing up on Fraps videos either.

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