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Possible H100 failure


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Just submitted an RMA but figured I'd make a post too.


Recently got an H100 for my new build. Go to put it on and ASUS RIVE and, like most other people, there tends to be a problem with the mounting. I tried Ram Guy's suggestions such as loosing the mounting screws and even trying to force it a bit to get it on. I do eventually get it on, but I notice that the top part of the assembly, where the fan controller is located, is now slightly loose. I figured maybe it's nothing and I'll try it anyway.


As I go to start the computer, everything seems fine, but my computer just shuts off for no reason after a few mins, even after the POST was good. I start it again, and it shuts off again. I look inside and notice the H100 lights weren't coming on. I check to make sure everything is connected, and it is. I try again, and this time I get a burning smell coming from the pump. It's possible that the pins on the molex were in backwards, but I can't tell without tearing the whole pump assembly apart.


I can't say I've had problems with any Corsair products, since the last 2 PSUs were fine, along with an H50 I got around launch. Guess it seems I got a lemon. Anyone else have this problem?

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