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Replacement panel problems


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Hi, i recently bought a new system and primarily made it of Corsair product.

That said, my 600T case have a bad side window.


-I opened a case and was given a code to order the part


-Ordered it and was asked 15$ (on a 29.99$ package value) taxes and brokerage fees COD by UPS. (i am in Canada)


-Refused, since i am not supposed to pay taxes or brokerage fees since its a replacement part from an item under legal warranty.


-Contacted Corsair and was told that the UPS declaration was supposed to mention that the fees were to be paid by Corsair.


-Corsair did not fill the UPS papers correctly.


-Contacted Corsair to expose them the situation. Was told that Corsair would contact UPS to tell them to charge Corsair and to deliver my package.


-Nothing happened.


-UPS still holding the package and only Corsair can tell them to deliver the box after paying the 15$ fees.


-Now i have wasted a lot of time (probably around 7-10 times the worth of the part itself if i was paid) on this and i still do not have my part.


Please stop telling me that you will do something and pick up the phone and call UPS. Thats a 5 min work to solve this situation.


Message log can be seen (order numbers and tracking are there too): Case #2415554

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... I contacted your support more than 3 times...


They told me 2 weeks ago that they would fix this in the case message log.


Then 1 week ago i called your cs and they told me they would contact ups to fix this. Nothing happened.


What does it take to make Corsair move ??


Thats a very simple situation here.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry that you are upset and I am sure we have made an attempt to get this corrected but it is not that simple and complaining to me is okay but there is little I can do except send a message to the correct department. (Which I have done) It would be best for you to contact our customer service and ask for a supervisor. For a more detailed explanation and resolution.
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