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Kind of shocked @ Corsair - no SSD rebates?


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For not having some sore of sale or rebate for there SSD hard drives. I been looking for over a week for any kind of deal on Corsair SSD.

I almost pulled the trigger on the Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F180GB3-BK 2.5" 180GB for $249.99 at Newegg a day a go.

Turns out I went with another brand because at that price I was able to get a 240GB Sata III for even less after rebate, $269.99 with $30 rebate.


I really wanted to go Crosair but funds not being good I had to get the best bang for my bucks.


Come on Corsair its the Holidays, lots of people are looking for deals.

Don't let your competitors steal all the glory.


I said I would never buy from these people ******** again after winning a memory contest

many years ago with Corsair memory and they ******** denied my win, but price point changed that.

Help out your loyal customers and your self, give us a break & some good deals sometimes and we will stay with what we love.

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And just how would I know that since those are not posted at any sell sites I checked.

This is the first I've seen of the link above. Most people I know look at where the drives are sold, like Newegg or where they shop online not search Crosair's web site to see if there may be one or any.


Sorry I don't see the logic in this. :confused:


Edit: here is the drive I was looking at: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233220

It shows no rebate there, plus even if I had known of the link above I wouldn't know witch applied since none of those number match that I can tell.

Sorry again its just to confusing and I can't see the logic. Other than perhaps you don't really want people to know or use those rebates. Its like hiding a ester egg.

Here is a full page with only 2 showing a rebate. Maybe someone needs to have a talk with Newegg about updating there site?

Please don't take anything I say wrong because all I'm really trying to do is help Crosair & the people that love your products. If its not shown where they shop there going to look at other things more affordable.

Better bang for there bucks.

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That link isn't for all stores, just the ones for:

TigerDirect.com Website

CompUSA Retail Stores


CompUSA.com Website

TigerDirect.com Retail Outlets



All other rebates are at http://corsairmemory.rebateaccess.com/ (but aren't as easily looked up without the promo code). The point being, SSD rebates do exist for Corsair SSDs.

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