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AX1200W vs WOLF Configurations


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Dear Corsair.


In normal case I'm a E-Max freak regarding power supplies, but since my good experience with Corsairs high quality products (even as OEM) as well as the customer support I have a change of heart.


So please let me know as objectively you can answer, is the Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 80 PLUS Gold Certified Fully-Modular Power Supply [CMPSU-1200AX] well sufficient for my computer configuration or do I need more power to back it up?


Mr. WOLF's Computer Configuration.


By that I say http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_ThankYou.gif and wish you all at Corsair the best for future to come.


Sincerely, WOLF.

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Well, my question would be is your current 1250 Watt PS insufficient for your PC? Are you experiencing issues related to power? If so, you might require a 1500 Watt PS, which are relatively rare beasts.


Given your PC, 12V power is a priority, so a PS that can provide most of it's total output on the 12V rail is what you likely need. If the PSs that are greater than 1200 Watts do not supply a fair amount more power on the 12V rail, then you likely won't be gaining anything with them.


How different is your current PS and the Corsair you asked about regarding 12V power output?

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Dear Parsec.


Thank you for taking time to reply to my post.


No I have not found any problems with the E-Max Revolution 1250W PSU, but the thing is that I’m forced to use that PSU on a newly build computer (with older components).


The different between my PSU and the Corsair 1200W is more then I can say since I don’t have experience of Corsairs PSU’s, except one computer I configure and assemble with Corsair Professional Series HX850 for my friend.


Since E-Max are multiple rail PSU I know it's important to divide the 12V rails to for example a power thirsty graphic card like my ASUS ROG MARS II.


But since I need a new power supply I felt urged to post this question to require some knowledge and information’s out of my own experience and skills.


As it is now, it leans towards E-Max PlatiMax 1500W or E-Max MaxRevo 1500W, but the final decision is now made yet.


I hope that answer your questions mate.


Thank you for caring.


Regards, WOLF.

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Well, my decision is made and it become a EMX Platimax 1500W 80 Plus Platinum Certified Power Supply [EPM1500EGT].


I'm sorry for that Corsair!


PS. When will you stop censoring so insistently Corsair. Start to become like North Korea.

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