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HS1 & HS1A Weak Cables


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The headsets have weak cables.


Im constantly putting a headset on and taking it off.

You can't sit here and tell me about your "expect wear and tear" argument. Because that’s a cop out.


There is a certain robust quality established by Corsair, and expected. Which didn't go into these headsets.


The first headset i purchased was the HS1. After a while the wires must have detached from each other inside the main cable and/or from the little speakers inside the headset itself - with this intermittent contact came all the irregulars imaginable.


Thinking that maybe it was a USB cheap'o cable solution from Corsair in the HS1. I purchased the HS1A.


After 3 months, the same thing.


I love the sound. I don’t care about bass. So these are awesome!

I just wish the integrity of the wires and wire contacts inside, where protected by a measure to stop the wires from moving wildly inside the main cable and inside the housing.

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