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Corsair Force GT 120GB: Poor write performance


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Force GT 120GB Connected to a 6Gb/s port - 1.3.3 SSD firmware


I'm receiving (by comparison to other benchmarks of this drive) pretty substandard write performance. I've done lots of reading online and checked every BIOS option I can think of, and I can't seem to get any improvement at all. I even formatted the drive and reinstalled windows, to no avail.


Here's a copy of an ATTO benchmark:



From the other benchmarks I've seen, the write speeds should be much closer to the reads, but I seem to have quite a large disparity between them. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try to improve the performance? This is a brand new drive I've had for around a week. I've performed all the relevant tweaks (disabling indexing, superfetch, etc) and the drive has 90GB space remaining.

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In the hope it may help others suffering from poor read or write performance, I managed to resolve this by re-aligning the drive and changing the partition offset to a division of 1024, in my case now set to 2097152 (2Mib). I believe 1048576 (1Mib) is typically default, but as long as it's a multiple of that the same theory should apply.


Windows 7 is meant to do this correctly by default (so a lot of people say) but in my case didn't for some reason. Here's a new ATTO benchmark with correct alignment;




Here's a link to an online alignment calculator to check if you may be suffering from misalignment:



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