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My new h80 wont start.


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I installed my new h80 to my motherboard with the way the manual told me to (AMD).


When i booted my computer (with a new hx1050w that was mounted at the same time.) The power went out in my house, I fixed it and turned my pc on again, now my pc booted, but then I got a cpu fan error and I noticed the fans on my h80 didn't spin or the pump was working.


The cable is mounted to my cpu fan input and the h80 fans is mounted to the pump.


If it is broken I dont know what to do, send it to the store I bought it from or send it to corsair? I live in norway so i think it will take too long time to send it to USA instead of the store that is 2 hours away from me.


I dont have much time so i need the shortest way to get it working, it takes ca 1 week to send it to the store and get it fixed. So if you can promise me something faster than that i will be happy.


Thanks if you help me and send me tips.

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Plug the fans directly into a different mobo header and see if they work. If they do then try plugging the pump into a different header as well to see if that works. If you have another known to be good fan with a 3/4 pin connector try it on the cpu header to see if the header itself works.
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