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additional M60 software option please


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Just received my M60 from OcUK today and am trying it out.

Seems exceptional in terms of build standard but one thing annoys me. It's trivial but could so easily be included within the software package.


Include an option to turn off acceleration please!

No gamer plays with acceleration as a far as I know and its irritating to have to go to the windows mouse control to turn acceleration on and off when switching between my 2 custom profiles for 'desktop' and 'gaming'.


Initial impression is that it is very similar to a G9x with precision grips but is way more stable. The sniper button is unfamiliar to my hand at the moment also...


EDIT: I have noticed something odd and worrying with the M60 mouse. I use Kaspersky's Rescue CD for virus scanning and Ghost on a USB stick for cold backups and it was when I was using these tools that I realised that the mouse did not operate as other mice do. The left mouse button functionality was all on the right button. This must be in firmware on the mouse as I have never seen this behaviour with other mice.

I would suggest that a firmware update has to be issued to correct this as I suspect this behaviour will be seen outside the Windows driver environment.

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