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H100 fan control, working?

Magic Man

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Left mine on the middle setting but decided to click through the other two to test.

Perhaps it's my ears but I couldn't notice any difference in noise from the two fans between all three settings?

The lights change and the fans spin up loud on boot and then quieten down after post to their running speed so some form of fan control is working, just not sure it's as intended.


I had to modify my retention brackets so would want to keep these and fit them to any replacement.

Would Corsair manage any replacement, if required, to the UK rather than our usual recourse which is with the supplier (Amazon in my case - I'd just have to keep the brackets I guess, don't intend to modify another set.)

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  • Corsair Employees

At POST, the fans will rev up then settles down once the system goes in to your OS.


Here is a good link on understanding how the fan's rpm changes when selecting a profile and when the system is running idle and under load, http://www.corsair.com/blog/understanding-the-hydro-series-h80-and-h100-cooling-performance-profiles

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